JPL's Andrew Talks to Rocksound Magazine About The 'Tour Of Extremities' Tour

"We genuinely feel that it's very unfair for people who live in these places like the Isle Of Wight and the Shetland Islands." - Andrew

Doing what?

The Extremities Tour: four long weekends of gigs and mayhem seeing JPL venture into uncharted territories throughout the nation and sponsored by yours truly.

Why are you doing this?

Andrew: We toured so much last year we didn't want to stop touring. Secondly, we've [got] time and we didn't want to be one of these bands who go into the studio and disappear for nine months and nobody hears about them. Plus, these are places that bands tend not to play. We genuinely feel that it's very unfair for people who live in these places like the Isle Of Wight and the Shetland Islands.

How did you decide where to play?

Andrew: We've got quite and active community on our website and we posted saying, 'Where would you like us to play on our next tour? We're really, really keen to play out of the way places'. People came back to us saying, 'play Llandudno, Aberystwyth, Invernesshire', all of these places we didn't know existed. It's nice as well because this will also be our biggest Irish tour and primarily we are and Irish band. This tour has been booked by the fans of the band, it's the way we really want to make every thing for the next couple of years, completely interactive. I enjoy saying that Jetplane Landing isn't our band, it's the people who are into the band's band, and this is a good example of that.

You're playing two nights in the shetland's. isn't it just populated by sheep?

Andrew: I believe that they're mad for gigs out there, the capacity of one of the venues we're playing is 400 and I'm assured there's loads of kids out there who go nuts for punk music. We have to fly to there, which troubles Cahir 'cos he's petrified of flying at the best of times, we're gonna have to drug his mug.

So, would you say you were a diy band?

Andrew: It has little to do with the music and more to do with us as people, because we can make our own mistakes and you've got no one to blame. All the successes feel a lot heavier hitting. I was in a band previously and we were signed to Geffen, and I hated not being able to make decisions for myself. Whether we make good decisions or bad at least they're our own. Also, I think people who follow the band draw inspiration from the little success that we've had - getting on to MTV2, having an album that sold so well and getting to tour in the places we do - 'cos it's a shared experience and there's a sense of community with lots of young people encouraging each other. there are a lot of young writers who use our website, a lot of young photographers that we like to work with, good designers, they all gravitate towards this sort of project - guess it's a kind of self-help group. we're all just getting on with things.

Catch Jetplane Landing on their Rocksound sponsored Tour Of Extremities very soon, check this month's gig guide for the full list of dates.

- Darren Taylor, Rocksound