Every Country Needs A Jetplane Landing

Disorder Magazines review of Jetplane Landing's show on Dublin Castles Runway

With their Nirvana circa-Incestide guitars and song stuctures, Pixies rhythm and Sonic Youth vocals, this could almost be an all-American, dream-come-true supergroup from the early '90s. But no, for 'tis Ireland's unfortunately-named Jetplane Landing on the Dublin Castle's runway tonight.

The energy bursting from the Derry three-piece is immense; while frontman Andrew Ferris throws his guitar-adorned frame around the stage, brethren rhythm section Jamie and Raife Burchell lock on to their groove with brutal force. The packed venue looks on in awe of this tight but noisy trio, mouths agape, speaking nothing but words of wonder.

Intricate but immediate songs move between time signatures with graceful ease, as stomp-boxes are stomped upon and the loudness spews with vigour. But unlike most bands akin to this sonic abuse, there is a hefty measure of melody sifted into the mix. It is at once familiar and unique.

It's kind of telling that one of the most exciting bands to come out of Ireland for a while sound so bloody American, but the wake of the Nirvana legacy is wide and engulfing. So what? Every country needs a Jetplane Landing.

- Dee Arr, Disorder Magazine