Drop-D Magazine - 'LaFaro' - Album Review

Northern Ireland band LaFaro have announced May 10th 2010 as the release date for their self titled debut album LaFaro to be released through Smalltown America Records. After several years touring from 2004 sharing the stage with well known bands like The Pogues, Ash and The White Stripes the band released their self-titled EP in 2007 through Field Records which was received well by the Irish Press.

The album has so far been well received. It’s a fairly solid album although it’s not really for everyone. LaFaro are definitely a band for more hardcore metal fans. They’re very fast and very loud and to someone who doesn’t listen to a lot of metal or prefers more melodic music they probably wouldn’t be as enjoyable.

The opening track of the album 'Tupenny Nudger' was named as BBC Radio’s single of the year two years in a row. It’s a good song which reminded me a lot of the opening  riff of Nine Inch Nails’ cover of Metal (originally by Gary Numan). 'Tupenny Nudger' has received the most acclaim and is without a doubt one of the strongest tracks on the album, but there’s a few other tracks that stand out. 'Party Hardy Marty' has a very old school punk feel. 'Great Conversations Remember No. 36 – Jeff Hinton' stood out for me purely because I love a good bass line.

In 2009 the band went on tour with Fighting With Wire playing gigs around Ireland and the UK before playing a further string of UK shows with And So I Watch You From Afar. They have received excellent live reviews and have a number of upcoming tour dates across Ireland and the UK.

Drop-D gives LaFaro: 7/10

 By Jane Ward