Rock Sound Review LOEB

Display their innovative influences on their collective sleeve.

Clearly fans of the post-rock bludgeon / groove, LOEB keenly display their innovative influences on their collective sleeve. But seeing as half of the band's predecessors have split up, there's no reason to spurn their post-apocalyptic scrabblings. Amidst discomforting buzzes, lurching rhythms and towering soundscapery, they do find the time to write cohesive tunes with lovingly pleated melodies (Personal Space Invaders), although you may have trouble humming the refrains; smothered, as they are, in art-punk angles 'n' jangles.If you've been searching for a band who take the instrumental sturm und drang of Explosions In The Sky and put Dishord-esque squawking over the top, look no further.


For Fans Of: Mogwai, Fugazi, Slint, ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

- Darren Johns, Rock Sound

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