Hotpress Review 'Calculate The Risk'

"Difficult, brainy, aggressive and surreal"

From the same school of emergency-broadcast-system polemic as At The Drive-In, and in Sonic Youth's noble musical tradition of staunch arms-folded refusal to ever do the obvious thing comes this stop-everything double blast from an anglo-irish quartet who have finally grown into their own (staggering) voice. 'Calculate the Risk's angular melodic complications and Andrew Ferris' point-blank spoken word delivery also recall the dear departed Slint, an impression that's underscored by Jetplane's ability to be difficult, brainy, aggressive and surreal - and yet melodic and very human-sized - at the same time. B-side 'My Father's Hands' is equally good and features the marvellous (hoarsely screamed) lyric "There's beauty everywhere." Damn right there is.


- Kim Porcelli, Hotpress