Click Music Review "Sugar"

'Delightfully tuneful ear-bashing' - 3/5

Hailing from Northern Ireland, Fighting With Wire are a vibrant bunch of smooth-faced rockers who recently lent support to Scotland's greatest beardy export Biffy Clyro. "Sugar" is the third single to be taken from the band's debut album 'Man vs Monster' and demonstrates this ability quite beautifully.

The band's influences are immediately clear; lead singer Cahir O'Doherty starts strongly amid a murky grunge rhythm fit for Nirvana, before unleashing at least a ton of Dave Grohl grit to the angry sound of beefed up guitars. The result is a delightfully tuneful ear-bashing with fantastic shout-along potential.

When deconstructed, nothing here is particularly sit-up-and-take-note original, but viewed as a rather more satisfying whole this song is an absolute belter and a hint that Fighting With Wire are more than ready to take centre stage

- Anthony Hill, Click Music