Kerrang! Talk To ASIWYFA's Rory Friers

"Who is really going to be interested in four creeps playing heavy instrumental music?" - Rory

"Who is really going to be interested in four creeps playing heavy instrumental music?" asks And So I Watch You From Afar guitarist Rory Friers, laughing. That's the question that tormented him about his band - drummer Chris Wee, bassist Johnny Adger and Tony Wright on guitar - when they formed a few years ago. But it's not the one that bothers the Northern Irish quartet anymore.

Decamping from their homes near the famous Giant's Causeway (the rocky landmark on the cover of Led Zeppelin's 'House Of The Holy') and charging head-first into the budding Belfast music scene, those same four 'creeps' soon became a big deal, making waves with their bowel-bothering bombast and intense live presence.

Word of mouth buzz and tireless self promotion saw them quickly rise from playing sweatboxes with 20 uninterested punters to headlining to almost 800 people at their self-curated A Little Solidarity festival last year. This level of support they're hoping will soon follow elsewhere when they tour in promotion of their forthcoming, self-titled debut album.

"Belfast can't be that different from anywhere else," reasons Friers. "If people there dig us, then maybe we can find people all over the UK and maybe even all over the world."

Despite the modicum of success they've had so far, the relentlessly driven foursome remain as realistic and militaristically DIY as they were back home, inspired by memories of late nights listening to Fugazi and watching Clash DVDs.

"We've always had an underdog mentality," explains the guitarist. "You accept as much help as you can but depend on none of it. Sometimes I wake up in cold sweats thinking about teams of people doing everything for bands. I'd be terrified if we weren't in control of our affairs. I think it's important to learn your trade and earn any success you get."

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- David McLaughlin, Kerrang!