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Clone Quartet: New Sound And Live Outing

Wonder no more. Here be news direct from the Camp CQ.


After delivering one of the best debut albums to grace the STA discography [2007's 'Well-Oiled Machine'] Clone Quartet's Andy Henry relocated to London in September of last year, and since then the band (with Steven Henry, Steven Quinn and Stuart Bell still based in Belfast) has only played a handful of shows, culminating in a Radio 1 live session back in January.
Many of you have been asking as to the band's whereabouts and if we're going to get new material from them?
Wonder no more. Here be news direct from the Camp CQ.
Andy has written and recorded a new body of work that he describes as 'dark and beat-heavy, like an elaboration on the 'Played to Death' theme'. STA believes this new set shares the electro chill of early Clone Quartet tunes like 'Rake The Processors'.
This new electronic material will be debuted on Friday 19 December at a live solo show at London's 333 Motherbar, Shoreditch. For more details on Clone Quartet music and live dates, check out here.