Chordblossom On Weather Underground #1

'I can say with complete honesty that I have been glued to the screen for most of the day. A second instalment of Weather Underground would be warmly accepted.'

Described by Smalltown America founder, Andrew Ferris as a ‘collaborative, make a record in a day project’ - I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I tuned in this morning. I guess I should preface anything else I write, by letting you know that I’m a huge sucker for the ‘fly on the wall’ genre; so this is a day in the sun for me.??

In a nutshell – within the confines of Smalltown America Studios (and over a 24-Hour Period), Our Krypton Son and Sullivan And Gold will each record a single. Elsewhere in the Smalltown facility, the artwork for both these singles, and the accompanying remixes are being creatively carved out on separate floors. Multiple cameras are documenting each division of creativity and giving the viewer a glimpse at each process. The most impressive aspect of this entire process is the fact that both singles will be available for Digital Download TOMORROW.??

I can say with complete honesty (as upcoming streaming footage will attest to), that I have been glued to the screen for most of the day (save for the occasional beer run and an interaction with a nuisance caller asking me to purchase conservatory blinds). A second instalment of Weather Underground would be warmly accepted by myself; and as Andrew briefly mentioned – it would be good to probably categorize the episodes by genre, so that the next episode will possibly have 2 raucous rock bands.??

Googling ‘how to set up a 24hour creative hit factory’ doesn’t yield many inspiring results – so I think Smalltown (and every person involved) has done a great job in making this come together. There’s only one thing I think could make this better and that’s user control over what camera they wish to view – but that’s just nitpicking.??

As a musician myself, this ‘behind the scenes’ view is nothing new for me. However, for those of you who have never seen the process behind making a recording are sure to find this entertaining.

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