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Cheese On Toast Reviews Die! Die! Die! 'Swim' Album

"Frantic fuzz, corrosive guitars, rolling baselines and breakneck pummelled drums."

DIE! DIE! DIE! return with their fifth album 'Swim', which stands for Someone Who Isn’t Me – and they deliver just what is expected; frantic fuzz, corrosive guitars, rolling baselines and breakneck pummelled drums. At least, that is, on the surface. But scratch the surface just a little and there’s a shitload more to be found. They blend noise and melody over and over again throughout this record.

After the initial onslaught of the double whammy of the opening title track and “Out Of Mind” a darker pace is set amongst earlier single “Crystal”. Current single “Get Hit”‘s melody is almost infuriatingly good as it sits in a squalling sea of dense feedback. Later in the record comes a personal favourite by the way of “She’s Clear” with it’s start/stop frantic pace and a menacing feedback break which segues into one of the most vicious baselines made in a very long time in “Trigger”.

DIE! DIE! DIE! fans are up for a visceral treat when they catch these songs delivered live during the upcoming tour, to be sure. But they also need to include this album in their personal belongings.

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