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Kerrang! Reviews 'Public Service Broadcast #7' - 3/5

"Budget priced new band compilation"

Kerrang! Reviews 'Just Like I Got Used To Courtney Cox Arquette'

Rough Trade pop inspired by Fugazi, ..Trail Of Dead, Pavement and alcohol

Heckler Interview Shaun and Rocky from Oppenheimer

"Catchy like the H5N1 strain of bird flu" Reviews 'Public Service Broadcast #7'

"It could be the best five pounds you'll spend all Xmas"

Drowned In Sound review 'Public Service Broadcast #6'

Another interstellar cast of upcoming hellraisers

Public Service Broadcast #6 Reviewed By Kissing Just For Practice

A supreme taster of what you need to hear

Rock Sound Review Fickle Publics 'Kittens Got Claws'.

Ones To Watch 2006 - Dark, brooding, but brain-burstingly fierce

Filter Mini UK Review The Young Playthings' 'Love U Like That'

Brilliant music to prolong the summer

Public Service Broadcast #6 Reviewed By To Hell With

Much the same deal as the last 6 really. Which is to say, a damn good one

Public Service Broadcast #6 - Review From Between Planets Magazine

Many of these bands should have great futures ahead

The Independent Reviw Public Service Broadcast #6

Encapsulates very accurately the new breed of bands playing... right now

Public Service Broadcast #6 -Planet Sound 8/10

Anyone from any genre will find something to cherish. 8/10

FIckle Public's 'Kittens Got Claws' Reviewed By Airwaves Back

I fear fans with unstable hearts would lose their breath and, perhaps, die

Airwaves Back - 'Public Service Broadcast #7' Review

Everyone needs to hear this

Fake DIY reviews 'Breakfast In NYC / Truth Or Dare'

The missing link between Joy Zipper, The Research, and all the best cartoon theme tunes

AU Magazine Review Fickle Public's "Kittens Got Claws"

'Barbed, punk missives searing through your apathy'

Public Service Broadcast #7 - Big Cheese

The best of this season's talent

The Stereo Effect Review The 'Public Service Broadcast #7'

This really a public service with infallibly noble intentions

Rocksound Review Fickle Public's ''Five Four To The Floor''

Talented songwriters applying inventiveness to great tunes

Public Service Broadcast #7 - Rock Sound

One fine compilation

Julseas reviews 'Breakfast In NYC / Truth Or Dare'

"Just wait until the producers of the OC get a hold them"

Drowned in Sound Review Fickle Public

We salute our Fickle Public

New Noise review Fickle Public - 4/5

Mclusky do the Highlands

London Rock Daily Review 'Kittens Got Claws'

"Natural and uncontrived, but also deeply ambitious"

Time Out Reviews 'Kittens Got Claws'

"Yay! Proper shouty hardcore punk"

What's On Reviews 'Kittens Got Claws'

"Sheer brilliance"

Artrocker Reviews The Young Playthings Single "Love U Like That"

"Single of the year so far, no joke, no doubt"

Smalltown America Hold 10 Hour Micro-Festival In Aid Of Cancer Research UK In East-London

It's easy to be charitable when presented with a line-up of today's calibre

We Want The Airwaves Back Interviews Andrew And Jamie On Jetplane Landing

"Cahir has been working on a very sexy little club track called "Jackhammer"..." - Jamie

Jetplane Landings's Independent Ethics - Kissing Just for Practice Review

DIY Ethics - An Essay

Sheer Music Review The Young Playthings Live

"Hilarious lyrics and a warm crowd connection"

Neon Promotions Review The Young Playthings Live

Catchy, quirky and ever so musical

Sunday Herald Review Fickle Public Album Showcase Gig

"Pop Wrapped Up In Punky Barbed Wire"

Artrocker Reviews The Young Playthings Live

Weezer-ish anthems and Fugazi's darkest, most romantic moments.

The List talk about Fickle Public's Live Shows

"Time Changes More Complex Than A Rubiks Cube In The Dark"

Rock Sound Review PSB #5

'You won't find a fiver better spent.' - 7/10

Rhythm & Drummer Magazine Review Who Invented Love?

'They jangle, they've got sharp, funny lyrics, they've got infectious hooks, and they met at University. Bingo.' - 3/5

Review Of Public Service Broadcast #2 & #3 -Artrocker

Burning the candle at both ends.

Public Service Broadcast #5 -Indie Ville -85%

I'm looking forward to number six! Rating: 85%

Rock Sound review Public Service Broadcast #6

Get this and beat the industry at its own game - 9/10

Public Service Broadcast #6 review - Comfort Comes

Fine new music from all over the globe.

Public Service Broadcast #5 - Planet Sound Review

Exemplary talent spotting.

Public Service Broadcast #6 -AU Review

Just buy it. It's that simple.

Public Service Broadcast #6 - Review From Drowned In Sound

So, should you buy their latest release? Of course you should! Allow us to convince you...

Public Service Broadcast #6 Review by Kissing Just for Practice

How did you first discover your favourite band?

The Moles Club Review The Young Playthings Live

Watch the way they hit those G strings!

Fuck The PRs And Fuck The Chainstore-Propelled Mass Consumption Bullshit: THIS Is What Punk Is About

Kerrang! Reviews 'There Is No Real Courage Unless There Is Real Danger' - KKKK

A glorious blast of post hardcore squall

Public Service Broadcast #5 Review - BBC Oxford

"A must for any music fan"

Public Service Broadcast #4 -Drowned in Sound Review

A f**king must-buy compilation