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Kiss Just For Practice With The Young Playthings.

"...Featuring different women through history who have been considered "rebels" in some form or other..."

'Bucko' Is Rock Sound's 'Album Of The Month' - March 2006

'Did they really just fit all of that into half an hour? What’s that ringing in my ear? Where am I? Fuck me, that was brilliant.'

Rock Sound Reviews 'Bucko' - 8/10

"Pummelling quiet/loud fury that would make Biffy Clyro stand with crossed arms and heads nodding in approval"

See You In The Pit Review Oppenheimer's "Breakfast In NYC"

'Tooth-achingly sweet and blindingly catchy'

Andrew Ferris A History Of...

What boxes can I tick to make sure I don't get the sack when this record bombs?

NME Review "Just Like I Got Used To Saying Courteney Cox Arquette"

'Utterly ace post-hardcore puzzle pop'

Tangents Review "Breakfast In New York"

'Seldom have I been so effortlessly blown away on hearing a record'

Drowned In Sound Live Review Of Fickle Public

'Think Jetplane Landing or Fugazi style attitude mixed with a healthy sprinkling of sharp Rough Trade style pop rock.' - 7/10

The Mag Review Fickle Public At Kerrang! 'Ones To Watch' Show

Glasgow act Fickle Public have been haring up and down the UK lately

Metro Scotland Review "Just Like I Got Used to Saying Courteney Cox Arquette"

'A blistering romp of rock 'n' roll carnage'

The Sunday Post Feature Fickle Public

“Everyone expects us to come out with some great reason for calling it that, but to be honest it’s just a quote from The Simpsons” - Al

Norman Records Review Fickle Publics 'Just Like I Got Used To Saying Courtney Cox Arquette'

Drive Like Jehu/At The Drive-In melodic turbo Grrrr-fest.

Artrocker Reviews The Young Playthings' 'Shes a Rebel'

An ear for a tune accompanied by profound observations

Clash Magazine Review 'Public Service Broadcast #8'

'It all goes to show the breadth of talent and ideas contained confirm the healthy state of music outside the top forty'

Comfort Comes Reviews 'Public Service Broadcast #7'

"A new PSB is always cause for celebration"

Unpopular Review Oppenheimer 'Breakfast In NYC / Truth Or Dare'

"Music this sweet and perfectly formed must surely be illegal"

Airwaves Back Interview Andrew And Jamie On Public Service Broadcasts And Smalltown America

"It's like making a mix tape for a new girlfriend"

Room 13 review 'Just Like I Got Used To Saying Courtney Cox Arquette'

"These Scottish lads have clearly had their oats this morning"

Fickle Public's Kittens Got Claws Review By Slightly Confusing to Strangers

Attack of the cymbals! Attack of the 15-armed guitars.

Drowned In Sound Review 'Just Like I Got Used To Saying Courtney Cox Arquette' - 7/10

A rampant 150 seconds of intangibly emphatic rock

Coolnoise Reviews 'Just Like I Got Used To Saying Courtney Cox Arquette'

"Inventive and far from obvious" Review 'Just Like I Got Used To Saying Courtney Cox Arquette'

"Biffy wrestling with Weezer, whilst throwing Sonic Youth and Oceansize records at each other"

UK Music Search Reviews 'Just Like I Got Used To Saying Courtney Cox Arquette'

"The illegitimate lovechild of Rites Of Spring, At The Drive-In and Britney Spears" Review 'Just Like I Got Used To Saying Courtney Cox Arquette'

"Their sheer exuberance here brings them sizzling home in style" Review 'Just Like I Got Used To Saying Courtney Cox Arquette'

"Neil Young vocals... overlaid with a bludgeoning metal riff" Reviews 'Just Like I Got Used To Saying Courtney Cox Arquette' - 4/5

"Monster Rock meets Weezer"

Tasty Fanzine Review 'Just Like I Got Used To Saying Courtney Cox Arquette'

"Youch! Monstrous stadium sized power chord riffism"

Joyzine Reviews 'Just Like I Got Used To Saying Courtney Cox Arquette'

"An impressive piece of work"

Kerrang! Reviews 'Public Service Broadcast #7' - 3/5

"Budget priced new band compilation"

Kerrang! Reviews 'Just Like I Got Used To Courtney Cox Arquette'

Rough Trade pop inspired by Fugazi, ..Trail Of Dead, Pavement and alcohol

Heckler Interview Shaun and Rocky from Oppenheimer

"Catchy like the H5N1 strain of bird flu" Reviews 'Public Service Broadcast #7'

"It could be the best five pounds you'll spend all Xmas"

Drowned In Sound review 'Public Service Broadcast #6'

Another interstellar cast of upcoming hellraisers

Public Service Broadcast #6 Reviewed By Kissing Just For Practice

A supreme taster of what you need to hear

Rock Sound Review Fickle Publics 'Kittens Got Claws'.

Ones To Watch 2006 - Dark, brooding, but brain-burstingly fierce

Filter Mini UK Review The Young Playthings' 'Love U Like That'

Brilliant music to prolong the summer

Public Service Broadcast #6 Reviewed By To Hell With

Much the same deal as the last 6 really. Which is to say, a damn good one

Public Service Broadcast #6 - Review From Between Planets Magazine

Many of these bands should have great futures ahead

The Independent Reviw Public Service Broadcast #6

Encapsulates very accurately the new breed of bands playing... right now

Public Service Broadcast #6 -Planet Sound 8/10

Anyone from any genre will find something to cherish. 8/10

FIckle Public's 'Kittens Got Claws' Reviewed By Airwaves Back

I fear fans with unstable hearts would lose their breath and, perhaps, die

Airwaves Back - 'Public Service Broadcast #7' Review

Everyone needs to hear this

Fake DIY reviews 'Breakfast In NYC / Truth Or Dare'

The missing link between Joy Zipper, The Research, and all the best cartoon theme tunes

AU Magazine Review Fickle Public's "Kittens Got Claws"

'Barbed, punk missives searing through your apathy'

Public Service Broadcast #7 - Big Cheese

The best of this season's talent

The Stereo Effect Review The 'Public Service Broadcast #7'

This really a public service with infallibly noble intentions

Rocksound Review Fickle Public's ''Five Four To The Floor''

Talented songwriters applying inventiveness to great tunes

Public Service Broadcast #7 - Rock Sound

One fine compilation

Julseas reviews 'Breakfast In NYC / Truth Or Dare'

"Just wait until the producers of the OC get a hold them"

Drowned in Sound Review Fickle Public

We salute our Fickle Public