Neon Promotions Review The Young Playthings Live

Catchy, quirky and ever so musical

One Toy Soldier turn out to be quite an impressive act. With catchy rock-punk tunes that are instantly enjoyable the band are easy to get into, but there is also a deeper side to things and one finds one self drawn into long deep journeys where musicality really gets to build, before the guys snap back into power-pop mode, that is! Guitar ranges from jagged chops thru to soothing jangles, bass and drums provide solid energy and the vocal is intense and focused. post grunge/punk-college rock - superbly done.

The Young Playthings turn in an unusual set - very melodious but with a good strong rock element, reminding us of US college rock akin to Weezer and the like, but taking influences from many places besides, this is an exotic and entertaining little trio. A vocal harmony to the singer adds real depth and a hallmark sound to the band. It's catchy, quirky and ever so musical but the guys really rock when they want to - crazy stuff.

Spunky, cheeky, quirky Dr Shlong are up next. The often dischordant, jagged slices of guitar chords are interspersed with funky, twangy little riffs that are complemented by busy bass giving a bustling, chaotic sound that can be sharply contrasted by the band when they switch to more melodic sounds. Wiry, wangly guitar solos are dotted about the place. Reminiscent of Stump, this is an extremely clever act - oh and keep an ear out for the wicked lyrics! Triple Monkey turn in a fine set as tonites headline act. The trio have good strong songs that are delivered without fuss. The band are nice and tite, but not in a showy way - the songs have some great touches in the arrangements, as they ebb and flow from tough, uncompromising rock/grunge thru to more thoughtful interludes. Vocal lines can be very melodic, but harsh when required. Simple, clever and extremely effective - this really is a brilliant little rock trio. DJ Mr Boo gets us thru' another hot nite.

- Unknown, Neon Promotions