Catching Up With Alan MX

"like Jamie T staggering through an Edgar Alan Poe daydream, if I said it was great, I'd be lying – it's brilliant" - Unpeeled

"Uplifting yet drenched in melancholy.. feeling bad has never felt so good" – Room Thirteen

"Awonderfully baroque sounding slice of pop that leans towards NapoleonIIIrd but replaces Boney's love of brass with a deluge of synthy keysand strings – superb!" – Tasty Fanzine

"...a more pop minded Beta Band with the alien-subtleties of Athlete" – Subba-Cultcha

"epic lo-fi folktronica" – tohellwith

"an electro triumph" – Neon Buzz

"like Jamie T staggering through an Edgar Alan Poe daydream, if I said it was great, I'd be lying – it's brilliant" - Unpeeled

We don't like to think of ourselves as ones to rest on our laurels, and even though 2007 still has two weeks to go, we're already hard at work on what STA is going to bring to the world in 2008. We're aiming to make it our biggest year yet, and so we have a lot of exciting plans in the pipeline.

In the spirit of this, we'd very proud to announce a new addition to our roster, in the shape of bedroom electro-pop-wonderkid Alan MX. We first came across Alan via Myspace last year, and were instantly taken with his tunes. If you're one of the many who've bought Public Service Broadcast 9 (and thanks if you have!), you'll already have heard his contribution, the Timberlake-meets-Yorke electrocrunk of "Love Is A Terrible Thing". Next year will see us unleashing 'Warpsichord', his debut album, and we're very excited about it indeed!

Those of you with long memories may remember that we did a brief interview with Alan at the start of the year, in which he discussed what he hoped he would get out of 2007. So, in the spirit of New Year's and the reflective behavior it brings on in us, we decided to bother him again to find out what he did achieve...


Hello Alan! The last time we interviewed you was at the start of the year. How has 2007 worked out for you?

2007 has been interesting. Yes. Quite a lot has happened. Mostly in bite size chunks where loads happens in a week followed by long periods of nothing. But when you put it down on paper i’m really pleased with the developments. I wrote lots of songs and feel i have broken down some things in writing and recording. It’s a good thing. I got played on some radio shows and Radio One which was awesome and weird, did some shows and finished an idea that had been in my head festering for a long time.

Good, good year; 2007.

You've been working on a new record, which we're going to be releasing next year. We're super excited to be putting it out, so why don't you tell us a bit about it?

I’m super excited you’re releasing it too. The album is going to be called 'Warpsichord'. I had a mission statement that i was only going to use samples of orchestral instruments and try and limit the amount of synthy electro noises to little or none. But i wanted the instruments to sound warped, to be used in ways which they normally wouldn’t be and be used out of context. It’s basically intended to be oxymoronic and i had the words ‘beautifully ugly’ banging around while i wrote it. It’s still taking shape and is still rough around the edges, but i’m getting there.

I also wanted the lyrical content of this one to be more personal. There’s a bunch of metaphors that may only make sense to me and i’ve hidden under a cloak of pretend fiction for the most part, but I’m breaking my heart on some of these.

It’s been a good experience to write in character this way because singing in metaphors allows you to say the things you would never expect yourself to say. So while i’m pretending to be Frankenstein's Monster and crying about the pain of existence, there’s a very true personal story running underneath.

My new mission statement is ‘Intimate Exhibitionism’.

You finally took the plunge and started playing live this year. How was that? You told us you'd have to get incredibly drunk beforehand, did that come to pass?

It was actually immensely exciting. I think i have found the ultimate drug for me there. But i didn’t get drunk, no. Completely wide-eyed sober and feeling every bit of anxiety available.

I’ve done two shows so far this year, both in Bristol for a company called Art Scare Records and they were hot. The first one, i was very shy of and it took all i had just to get through it, but by the second one i had a taste for it.

Playing live still scares me so much, but its amazing and a brilliant oppurtunity to fantasize and show off. During the second show i felt like a superhero, so excited all the way through and i definitely felt more comfortable being in front of people. It’s good as well to have brokens the seal, because now i write with live performance in mind, knowing that i don’t have to get it write for one take in recording. I’m making songs that i know are gonna be fun to sing live and with that i have a bit more knowledge about what i can do with my voice when i’m not singing apologetically in my room.

More next year, and i actually can’t wait.

As far as we at STA is concerned, it's been a bumper year in music for great records. What's refused to leave your stereo this year?

I’ve had a few standouts this year. The few that have been on repeat this year are Bjork’s 'Volta', PJ Harvey’s 'White Chalk', 'Kala' by M.I.A, tons of tigerbeat stuff.... i can’t remember what else i got this year!

But mainly i’ve been discovering things that have been around for ages. I got completely hooked on 'Lycanthropy' by Patrick Wolf this year and also that Justice album. I may marry Uffie, but i’ll have to wait and see what she says, and FrankMusic is excellent i have found.

Finally finally, as we have New Year celebrations coming up, and all that it entails: what are you looking forward to about 2008?

2008 is gonna be good. Album comes out, first London shows, possibly first video, ah its gonna be brilliant.
I’m working on a couple of collaborations which i think are really going to take shape in 2008. In particular a guy called Edward J Hicks, i’m really excited about us working together at some point. He’s a genius and i am jealous of that fact.

Also i’m hoping to be doing some more remix work, which is brilliant and i love doing it.

Obviously most exciting is the album being released. It’s something i never really allowed myself to imagine would happen and i keep getting stunned in the middle of the day when i remember. I’ve been hosting this album for a while now and it’ll be good to finish it for a purpose because i can feel the next one impatiently scratching beneath the surface. Shows will be good and i hope to debut some new stuff there and really get into character properly this time.

Look for me. SUPER!


STA can't disagree with that amount of enthusiasm.

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