'Backlash Cop' Song By Song

"Cahir named his solo on this as The Disco Spectre" - Andrew

Jetplane Landing talk us through their recently released new album, 'Backlash Cop':

1. "Backlash Cop"
We finished this track quite early on, after some discussion we felt it wasn't mad enough so we added the 'Wait did I just say genitals?' line - it kind of sets the tone for the whole record.

2. "White Music"
This is a nod to The Meters and the rapping has a touch of Anticon's main man Sole - the main riff is as close to New Orleans funk as we can get.

3. "Dizzy Gillespie For President"
The intro and outro drums are taken from 'I'm Coming Out' by Diana Ross - the Dizzy story is a true one; look it up on Wikipedia.

4. "Lungs Of Punk"
Dedicated to D. Boon from the Minutemen - a man that truly tried to turn his life into art. This is my favourite riff on the album - I imagine it being played on horns.

5. "Why Do They Never Play Les Savy Fav On The Radio?"
Long title, simple sentiment really, I texted the title to Jamie whilst standing in Trafalgar Square but it took us ages to write the track, because we knew they'd probably hear it. The verses are a bit Joni Mitchell; Cahir named his solo on this as The Disco Spectre.

6. "The Breaks"
Jamie wrote the lyrics to this first then we built the track around it. Part One is a bit Van Pelt and then it turns mental again into a Beastie Boys thing on Part Two.

7. "Jamerson Used The Claw"
James Jamerson was the bass player on 'What's Going On' - listen to that record, then imagine him playing the bass lines with just one finger.

8. "Sam Cooke"
This one imagines Nat King Cole visiting Sam Cooke as he lies dying on a hotel floor. It's the most Motown influenced track.

9. "Climbing Up The Face Of Miles Davis"
This is the bridging track between Once Like A Spark and Backlash Cop. It's the most DC influenced groove on the album; fast hi-hats and spoken word.

10. "Us And The Ringside Stars"
A discussion on the middleweight boxing championship of the world during the eighties. The poem is spoken from memory I make a mistake towards the end and forget where I am, so we brought in some drums at that point.

11. 'Hendrix Sur La Lune'
They loved Jimi but they were jealous of him at the same time; some of the lyrics are taken from an exhibition about Leonardo Da Vinci ('studies of an ox') this track turns into a prince funk out for the last few minutes; I love Cahir's guitar solo.

12. 'Song For Sonia Sanchez'
Jamie was living in an Egyptian themed flat in Notting Hill when he found a book of Sonia's poetry; the chorus for this was written standing on Blackheath Common at three in the morning. Pretentious possibly, pissed definitely.

- JPL, Rocklouder