Burning Alms Release NEW Video

Delighted to announce that Burning Alms have released their video for NEW single 'Mid-Storm / Still Ending'

Burning Alms release their first single on 26th June 2014. Keep your eyes peeled this month for a FREE DOWNLOAD of the single via our eStore. 

"Mid-Storm / Still Ending" is the first single taken from debut album, ‘In Sequence’. The track is based on a poetic vignette from Jean Toomers' modernist novel ‘Cane’. Inspired by classic American literature, existentialism and the "...creeping, inevitable demise of our fragile environment”, the song weaves a compelling narrative which disturbs and exhilarates in equal parts.
John explains further "This song is the first of a set of four tracks purposely grouped together on the album: 'Mid-Storm / Still Ending', 'Night Climates', 'The Pastoral', 'Forest Clearing'. In this set of songs, there are contrasting musical emotions, improvisational elements and lyrical repetition. In short, pretentious shizzle!”. This claustrophobic, multicoloured vision is echoed in the promo clip that accompanies the single.