Kerrang! Reviews 'Public Service Broadcast #7' - 3/5

"Budget priced new band compilation"

You won't have heard of many of the bands on the latest in this series of new band compilations. Very possibly, you won't like a lot of them either but the beauty is that there's something for everyone here. From jangling indie and new-wave to punk and hardcore, the range is flawless. Obviously there are a few turkeys, as there are in any collection of this nature, but the quality of bands like Oppenheimer and Corrigan overshadow the tedious moments.

That the label that releases it are clearly all music fans, who are doing this in order to give a showcase to music that wouldn't normally be given exposure is laudable. That it only costs four quid and all the profits are recycled into making the next album is even more impressive.

Download: "Breakfast in NYC", Oppenheimer.
For Fans Of: "Jon Spencer Blues Explosion", The Clash.


- Tom Bryant, Kerrang!