Box Of Secrets: An Emergency All Dayer

An Emergency's forthcoming LP and another Alldayer!


Again this poor blog is neglected. For shame!
Lots going on at STA towers at the moment. Received the final mixed and mastered copy of An Emergency's forthcoming 'Wrecked Angles' LP, and it sounds incredible - really leaps out of the speakers, presumably so it can beat up their previous releases using just the power of TOTAL ROCK. It's going to come wrapped in an awesome digipack, with more artwork courtesy of the multitalented Dan Reeves. This is going to be the first release in the new alliance of Faux Discx and Smalltown America, which is also going to give birth to the debut album by The Light Sleepers later on in the year. That's also a really good record, and will appeal to anyone out there into Moore / Tengo / Malkmus fuzzy guitar pop. What do they put in the water down in Brighton?
Anyway: we have big news, yes we do. Who remembers the old STA Alldayers? Who was sad there wasn't one last year? Yeah, we were as well. However, we're bouncing back with a vengence, and we're going to be announcing how on Friday morning. Keep your eyes on the STA website, and join our mailing list as something may be going out on that as well...