'Boots & Bones' EP Out Now

Roaring like a grumpy grizzly, More Than Conqueror's latest record is out now and it's totally killer!

Just back from their first headlining UK tour - More Than Conquerors make their return with a new 5 track punk-funk offering. Their second record the 'Boots & Bones' EP roars out of the speakers, depicting the band's aggressive, pop sensibilities perfectly. There are echoes of the acts self-titled outing however tracks like ‘Hunting For The Whale’ offer a more graceful MTC sound. Arctic Monkeys meets Lindsey Buckingham meets Midlake - 'Boots & Bones' is available now via IndependentMusic.

1. Oh My Son!
2. Bear Knuckle Fight
3. The Deer & The Fox
4. Hunting For The Whale
5. A Lion, A Man