AU Magazine Review Fickle Public's "Kittens Got Claws"

'Barbed, punk missives searing through your apathy'

For Fans OF: Nirvana, Early Idlewild, Mcluskey

There was a time when a screamed vocal still signified a valid, honest expression of anger. These days it's become a hackneyed trick used by charlatans chasing dollar signs. Anger has become a cynical commodity and it is sometimes difficult to deciper who is for real and who is not . From the fertile Highlands of Elgin, Glasgow come four young men to make theat delineation easier for you. They bring you back to a time when Kurt's raspy holler spoke of confusion and disenfranchisement and later, when a young Roddy Bottum rolled about on tiny stages giving import to apparently meaningless lyrics by the sheer fury of emotion in his craggy screech. Fickle Public breathe that same righteous fire, their barbed, punk missives searing through your apathy, demanding either love or hate - in between is not an option. Signup now by checking out their Smalltown America debut single 'Kitten's Got Claws' prior to the release of their debut full length 'Bucko' next year.


- Jonny Tiernan, Alternative Ulster