Axis Of & More Than Conquerors Feature In Far Out's Northern Ireland Report

"There’s plenty going on in Northern Ireland at the minute... there are a number of bands rising up through the ranks and making a splash here in the UK."

More Than Conquerors: This quartet have just released an album on NI label Smalltown America Records. They’ve been compared to the likes of Twin Atlantic and Biffy Clyro but while there are similarities, the band are far from being a regurgitation of their influences. Intelligent poppy hooks are complimented by gritty guitar work and some powerful drumming to achieve a nice balance between catchy and chaos.

Axis Of: Punk/metal trio who never fail to disappoint, especially if you’re expecting unpronounceable song titles. Single ‘Brobdingnagian’ from debut album 'Finding St Kilda' takes the biscuit (with 'Port na Spaniagh' a close second for non-Irish speakers) and epitomizes their no nonsense attitude. It’s aggression with a conscience though as the group often write about environmental issues and societal problems (without sounding as ridiculous as this sentence of course) and frequently take part in any fund raising gigs. Highly recommended for anyone who likes jumping about to loud music and shouting a lot.

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