Axis Of 'Finding St Kilda' Features In State Magazine 'A Month In...New Noise'

Axis Of‘s debut album 'Finding St Kilda' is being launched around the country this month.

Fresh off a four week-long tour of the UK and Europe, they have certainly earned their stripes. This is a band who despite their young age, have already earned themselves quite a following in the UK and beyond. With a successful run abroad, there’s a distinct feeling that they haven’t quite broken into the scene here in Dublin yet. One should be curious to see how the band have developed having been taken under the wing of punk heroes The Bronx. After all, it’s not everyday your band gets asked to support The Bronx, twice!

Maybe a clichéd thing to say, but there is something for everyone on this album. Tracks such as "Cardiel", "Mapping St Kilda" and “Lifehammer” are relentlessly upbeat, while "Edge of the Canebrake" and "World’s Oldest Computer" have a heavier sensibility. The aforementioned tracks are definitely the strongest on the album, and it’s refreshing to see such a young band bring so many elements to their debut.

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