Axis Of Exclusive Tour Update

It’s a really exciting time for our boys Axis Of. Niall from the band, shares his road experiences!

Just giving you all a quick update from what is near enough the middle point of our longest tour to date. Tonight’s show in Newcastle will be our 16th show in 15 days on a run that will see us play 24 shows without a day off, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

When we started playing music together we dreamt of tours like this, it is highly unlikely that even if a tour was going terribly we would come out and tell everyone but we can genuinely say that it has been amazing so far. The last time we toured with The Bronx we were blown away by them as musicians but almost more importantly as people and our admiration for them has only grown this time around. We have gained new friends in Canada’s Single Mothers who are also on the tour, great guys and a sick band to boot.

The shows have been consistently good with some being really memorable: London, Leeds, Aberdeen, Manchester and Newcastle in particular. We are thankful for touring with a band that has really open minded and supportive fans. In reality very few of the people at the shows are coming to see us, but that hasn’t stopped them coming down early and giving us a chance, in turn this has led to us selling a good amount of our CDs and T-Shirts. It always amazes me when someone who has just seen a band for the first time spends £10 plus on their merchandise, it makes us proud we can make such an instant impression, but more importantly it shows there are still tonnes of real music fans out there and we are so blessed to be able to play to them.

We have 5 more gigs with The Bronx then we move onto our headline shows, a few in the UK, a few in Europe then our first Irish shows since our 32 County tour. We can’t thank everyone enough for coming down to the shows early and buying our merchandise. It’s a really exciting time for Axis Of. 

See you all very soon - Axis Of