ATL Talk About Bands At Glasgowbury 2013

"Jetplane Landing...describe in a tweet: The daddies reclaim what is rightfully theirs!"

Jetplane Landing 

For many, Glasgowbury 2013 is built around this band's return. A hugely influential figure - inspiring with his music before releasing records for the likes of Lafaro, And So I Watch You From Afar and More Than Conqueors (all playing this weekend) - singer Andrew Ferris has a lot to answer for. Given that his band have never played Glasgowbury (this is, in fact their first gig in almost 8 years), it's strange that it feels like a homecoming.
And what a homecoming - while it takes a while for the band to warm up, 'Why Do They Never Play Les Savy Fav on the Radio' is the first big moment of the weekend. New song "My Radio Heart" proves Jetplane's knack for punk pop hooks is stronger than ever while 'The Violence' sounds just as noisily relevant as it did all those years ago. Once Jetplane get a few shows under their belt they could well end up the most unmissable live act in the country. Welcome back, lads.
More Than Conquerors
Described in a tweet: Rock, rhythms and riffs
More Than Conqueors have come a long way in their four years at the festival. They are celebrated for their energy, excitement and momentum on stage. ‘Go On, Go On Get Out’ sent the audience into a mosh frenzy, with everyone chanting the chorus along to the belter drum beats from Jamie Neish.
Their international touring schedule has given them a sense of confidence and presence - they handle the main stage and the evening slot with ease. An annual Glasgowbury highlight is More Than Conquerors front man Kris doing an obligatory crowd surf during their set. Last year was in the G Sessions tent, but this more prestigious space allowed Kris to stage dive with even more energy. The gig ended with ‘Bear Knuckle Fight’, Kris in the crowd without a microphone, doing a silent chant of the huge chorus.
Described in a tweet: “Hands up if you’re wearin’ a dress for the first time and ******* loving it”
The image of LaFaro on stage will stay in many a head for a long time. Alan on drums, wearing a sexy diamante bra, Johnny in a silky black halter neck dress along with red lippy and Dave in a sultry one-shoulder number. To top it all off, Herb in a white tutu, cigarette in his mouth while blasting out rock riffs. Lafaro dressed as rock royalty, and they might as well for the last gig in the Sperrin moutains.
Dave shouts out “Is anyone else not wearin’ any underwear?” As ever, the LaFaro lacks subtlety and some concerned parents are covering their children’s ears. But this is why the faithful love the band. Despite their glamorous makeover, the music is as brutal as ever, and includes a blistering ‘Mr Heskey’. A gig to melt your face off.
Axis Of
Described in a tweet: we’re spinning on the Axis
Another band with history here, they’ve opened this stage before, but are now in what could be called early evening if it wasn’t still so ridiculously sunny.  This rise up the bill is a mark of how they’ve developed as performers, now with the confidence to match their songs.  In the conditions, kudos to those members of the crowd who answer their call for a “big daft circle” to accompany ‘We Dine On Seeds.’  In between songs, they reveal how they’re sad to leave this place, and promise to return next year even if it’s just them and some acoustic guitars.  As much fun as that would be, it’s hard to imagine that a stripped down version of ‘Brobdinagian’ could be as good as the one we hear today.


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