AU Review Let Our Enemies Beware Album

'...As unrelentingly inspired as it is unforgettable'.

Cloaking themselves in a squalling maelstrom of noise come Chatham renegades Let Our Enemies Beware. This debut teeters deliciously between the suffocatingly precise and moments of raw mayhem. "Personal Space Invaders" is all slow release menace, the measured post- rock rhythms leading us towards yawning, mantrap choruses. The corrosive "Fools! Philistines! Heretics And Whores!" ands guitars chopping out serrated edge riffs as Shareef Dahroug howls like the freshly bereaved. Stirring indeed. Elsewhere, "Between Us And The Sun" makes a thrilling transition from eerie atmospherics to abattoir howl, guitars slowly running amok. Even the song titles, notably "Noise Equals Death" and "I'm Not Laughing I'm Choking" are worthy of commendation. From first to last then, 'Against Karate' is a no-holds- barred excursion into rock's more inventive and exhilarating territories, as unrelentingly inspired as it is unforgettable. 8/10

Francis Jones

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