Artrocker Review Die! Die! Die! Harmony

"With unadulterated energy, ‘Harmony’ moves at a frenetic speed, powered by Wilson’s masterful guitars and a rawness that can only be encouraged and is no doubt only amplified when experienced live."

Opening with a driving crescendo of fast paced drums, neatly paving the way for trademark noisy guitars and distant vocals, Die! Die! Die! present their fourth album, ‘Harmony’. Clearly well versed and proud of their noise band upbringing, this New Zealand three-piece brings with them all the trappings of garage punk. Yet, with front man Andrew Wilson offsetting his own distortion with his surprisingly melodic vocals, we break through the grit of the growl. While 'Harmony' may represent the softer face of punk, it by no means sacrifices its raucous demeanour, balancing the unrelenting pace of tracks like ‘Changeman’ with a more restrained and harmonic sound in ‘Seasons Revenge’. Now, I refuse to draw comparisons to ‘shoegaze’ (their shoes would no doubt be filthy) but with Portishead producer Chris Townend at the helm it’s easy to see where the musical intensity and atmospheric soundscapes have been inspired, notably in closer ‘Get Back’. 


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