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Rock Sound Magazine Live Review of Let Our Enemies Beware And LaFaro

'Their crazed performance tonight ranks them supreme.'

Let Our Enemies Beware Preview New Song on YouTube

Let Our Emenies Beware Live Videos

Live form their album launch

AU Talks To Let Our Enemies Bewere

"...The aural equivalent of a nervous breakdown,"

Brings The Pain In Fine Style

Conjures up memories of Sonic Youth at their most dissonant and spectral, briefly invoking the ghost of Radiohead present before exploding into a ferociously heavy climax.

Rock Sound Review Let Our Enemies Beware

A healthy dose of visceral post-hardcore.

Rock Sound Review LOEB

Display their innovative influences on their collective sleeve.

Both Bars On Review Against Karate

Oh Yes, his is a beauty.

AU Review Let Our Enemies Beware Album

'...As unrelentingly inspired as it is unforgettable'.

"Noise Terrorists" Let Our Enemies Beware

Public Service Blogcast Episode 51

Cargo Collective September 2009

Pow! Right In The Kisser Video

Pow! Let Your Enemies Beware

Imagine twisted avant-metal, shards of feedback and haunting moments of stillness

NI Hearts STA

Public Service Broadcast 9 featuring Let Our Enemies Beware has been getting plenty of spins on Irish radio over the last week