Metal Hammer Review 'Once Like A Spark' - 8/10

Anglo/Irish post-hardcore outfit unleash genius sophomore effort

Every once in a while you hear something that can only be described as essential. Something so astounding, so varied, so unspeakably brilliant that not only do you want to play it over and over and over again, but you desperately want everyone else who’s willing enough to listen to your manic ramblings to fall in love with it as well.

The record I’m raving about in this instance is Jetplane Landing’s ‘Once Like A Spark’, and if you’re of the post-hardcore persuasion, you’re quite simply, going to love it! There has always been something promising about Jetplane Landing; the bands debut album Zero for Conduct, may have been a somewhat patchy affair, but it also had moments of pure genius; moments of pure genius that Once Like A Spark has in abundance! And from the very second this album starts, you are hit by an avalanche of non-stop action. Huge, bulky, muscular guitars smack you around the head from all angles and the backbeat is driving and relentless. The bass-lines are so slick and cool they could have been lifted from a Tarantino flick and the melodies are unpredictable yet completely memorable. There is just so much going on here of such high quality it’s unbelievable. The thundering riffing of "Effect A Change", the shout-along stomp of "Calculate The Risk", the wishful pop intensity of "Brave Gravity", in fact every track on this record is superb and almost more importantly, each track has it’s own unique identity.

It’s almost as if Jetplane have hand-picked the most influential artists of the last 10 years (At The Drive-In, The Pixies and Nirvana to name but a few) and decided to weld them together with their own trademark muscle and create the perfect modern rock record. Yes it really is that good!

For far too long Britain has lagged behind America in terms of creating inventive, vital, essential rock records. Jetplane Landing are here to settle the score.

[8] Excellent

- Terry Bezer, Metal Hammer