An Occassionally Jaw-Dropping Display Of Chundering Oppression

Size Matters in rock. And all three of these bands are hung like donkeys in the riff department.

Fickle Public (formally Purple Munkie) stutter and fall through tunes like Fugazi bumping into early Pavement, before accidentally-eliberately stumbling over a metal groove so heavy it makes your head cave in.

Edinburgh trio Wildtype might not have the natural charisma of Fickle Public, but they more than make up for it in spazztastic stage antics. With sweat spraying off him, singer Marky Torture shrieks Kurt-style till his lungs flop out, while his rhythm section unleash ballistic grunge like it's going out of fashion.

Which leaves Irish foursome Jetplane Landing who, far from being put out by the preceding quality, launch into an occassionally jaw-dropping display of chundering oppression, topped by colossal catchy pop choruses. Singer and guitarist Andy (sic) Ferris is all spasmodic leaps leaps and thrashes as the band showcase some bone-melting heavy new material as well as the best parts of their excellent 'Zero for Conduct' album.

- Doug Johnstone, The List