Hard Rock House Review 'Man Vs. Monster'

''Man Vs Monster' is an excellent debut and one that does compliment Fighting With Wire's continuing strong live performances'


'Man Vs Monster' is the debut full length release from Derry trio Fighting With Wire. Having seen the band live on a couple of occasions it's safe to say that the band really hammer home a powerful live show with great charisma, but could they translate this live effervescence into a strong CD release?
Opening up with “Cut The Transmission” doesn't necessarily auger well as it's a song that works a lot better live than on this platter where it comes across a little disjointed though by no means weak. Second song in “Everyone Needs A Nemesis" has a more indie feel to it and is pretty catchy. Though not to their usual level of aggression it could well do the business for them should the likes of Radio 1 pick up on it. And then there's “All For Nothing” which has hints of Muse in the song structure and gets harder and heavier as it progresses.
“Long Distance” is one of highlights here, a good bass driven rampage with big nods to Nirvana and Zico Chain. “Strength In Numbers” alternates between melodic slow patches and a good level of heaviness that again nods back to 90's grunge without sounding derivative. “Into The Ground” has a mid paced Foo Fighters feel to it that really shows off the bands ability to capture that melodic alternative rock sound. “Sugar” on the other hand has a more mellow poppy start before flowing into a Wildhearts flavoured number. The up-tempo “Make A Fist” has some good head banging moments and shows the intensity that can be achieved from a tight three piece act and then “My Armoury” combines indie rock sections with some powerful hard rocking guitar work that shows variety in the band's sound whilst still maintaining a melodic up tempo feel. 
The album closes out with “The Quiet”, a melodic rock number with an unusual feel to it that is quite compelling and then finally with “This Body Is In Danger”. Starting off much mellower than anything else on the album it eventually springs to life as it progresses before a bit of larking around in a hidden section of the song if you let it run. 
Overall 'Man Vs Monster' is an excellent debut and one that does compliment Fighting With Wire's continuing strong live performances and, If they can get the promotion of this album right, it certainly has the potential to appeal to a wide spectrum of the rock/alt rock and metal communities.
- Mike Clark, Hard Rock House