Jetplane Landing Play The Errigle Inn

An event to say the least



Jetplane Landing have not been having much luck today. They turn up at the venue for tonight’s gig only to discover that they’re not booked in. So with five hours to go the band have to set about finding a new venue, sorting out a PA and then they have to somehow let the public know what’s happening.

The Errigle Inn isn’t exactly the premier music venue in Belfast. But it’s all that’s available and beggars can’t be choosers. Balloons hang from the ceiling from whatever golden wedding party was in here last. The stage faces the wrong way. The soundman sits in a caged-in DJ booth – a throwback to rougher days this area has witnessed. But of all the rock’n’roll features of the Errigle Inn, the icing on the cake is the sound limiter that will cut off the music when it goes above an “an acceptable level”. Jetplane have their work cut out for them as they take to the stage.

The quieter tracks from the debut album 'Zero For Conduct' are ignored in favour of the brasher songs. Beginning with Tiny Bombs – “I’m guiltier than OJ” – the band play as if this was the most normal date on the tour. The music is raw but tight with drummer Raife Burchell effortlessly holding the show together. From ‘This is not revolution rock’ – the forthcoming single – to What The Argument Has Changed, every song is charged and vital. Even the low ceiling doesn’t stop Andrew Ferris jumping around – with no regard for cranial safety.

For the handful of fans who got the finger out and made it down to tonight’s gig, this will be one that will be talked about for a while. Not so much for the music but for the triumph over adversity atmosphere. An event to say the least.

- Helen Toland, Hot Press