Artrocker Reviews The Young Playthings' 'Shes a Rebel'

An ear for a tune accompanied by profound observations

Whilst outside it’s dark, cold and generally makes us want to curse out very own existence, The Young Playthings are trying to make us remember that a summer will come, and then we will feel better. Put this on and we can be there now, dancing on the beach (or at the festies) and drink over-priced mojitos (or cider) in lesser amounts of clothing.

‘She’s A Rebel’ plants some of the most refined melodies this side of the classical period on your ass. Like Spoon the lyrics are intense, personal and confessional; as they bleed effortlessly into the ebb and glow of the music the power of the narrative, both lyrical and musical, becomes too much to resist forcing a song and a dance to escape your body.

Whereas whimsy a la Oscar Wilde seems to have infused into our musical culture via Joy Division and The Cure, The Young Playthings represent that other literary strand of music that thrives via the poetics of Pete Doherty and his rebellious predecessors (The Replacements, The Jam); an ear for a tune accompanied by profound observations and relentless confessional outbursts, and atop this a hefty dash of humour that warms these bitter nights.

- Jonathan Falcone, Artrocker

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