Review of Jetplane Landings 'Els Quatre Gats' By Playlouder

''an almost uniquely literate anger that refreshes unfailingly''- Playlouder

Meanwhile, with tracks called things like ''Acrimony'' and ''An Upheaval'', we must just have opened the emo pocket of the bulging singles sack, and whip us with, um, a whip if it isn't our smashing old favourites Jetplane Landing and their excellent new 'Els Quatre Gats' EP out, as usual, on the Yogaboy / Smalltown America labels. Of said quatre we're probably keenest on ''Lights Out'', seeing as how it's fit to burst with feedback and remind us of the imploding-eyed furious sensibilities of veeeeeeeeeeeery early Idlewild (specifically, 'You Just Have To Be Who You Are'), but the rocket-fuelled rifferama, Shellac-style screaming and bassy grumble of ''My Fundamental Flaw'' run it a close second, and, what with mithering about the Roman Empire and suchlike, Andrew Ferris once again demonstrates an almost uniquely literate anger that refreshes unfailingly. Calling this better than Busted doesn't even begin to do it justice...

- Iain Moffat, Playlouder