BBC Across The Line Live Review Of FWW

'Cahir is already our own little rock god in waiting'

Following an unplanned bit of Star Wars to accompany them onstage, the lads hit us with 'Strength In Numbers' reminding us that Cahir is already our own little rock god in waiting, before following that jab with the left hook of 'Everyone Needs A Nemesis' as they don't let up, nor do they for the rest of the night, tighter and more professional that before, there's a maturity about them - a realisation that this is their life now, not just messing around until something happens. 'Long Distance' provides the first sing-along of the evening. Complaining about the sell-outs of the punk era, they hit us with some new material, and it's mined from the same catchy rock seam as before, heavy and pop at the same time - they should maybe keep that 'Can't Waste A Minute'. 'Make A Fist' has an evil little bassline before it breaks us down in a thrashy bit of madness. Issuing a warning to Americans everywhere, they tell us they're off there possibly to beat them up to satisfy Cahir's voyeuristic tendencies. Finishing up with old single 'Point Of View' and new single 'Sugar', they issue a challenge to us all to do something to blow them off the stage they way they feel Lafaro did before getting the biggest reaction, singalong, madness, everything of the evening for closer 'Cut The Transmission'. Ireland first, then America - you have been warned.

- William Johnston, BBC ATL