Already Heard Review Axis Of On Tour With The Bronx

Axis Of are thick sounding and very engaging to watch


It’s Tuesday night in Manchester; a day slap bang in the middle of the working week when everyone would generally be at home waiting for another dreaded work day. However, according to one band this is irrelevant, and they firmly believe that every night should be wild and filled with shenanigans. Since this band is the greatest rock ‘n roll band on the planet of the last ten years, it is probably best to take their word for it.
Being an unusually suited choice of opening band, Northern Irish noise rockers Axis Of are thick sounding and very engaging to watch. Leading the assault is a loud throbbing bassline that coils around the mind like an anaconda, with shifts from melody to throaty yells riding along the Helmet like rhythms. For an opening band, Axis Of certainly pack a punch and keeps everyone on their toes for the night ahead. (3.5/5)
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