Whisperin' And Hollerin' Review a Fickle Public Live Show

"A wonderful, guitar-grinding jigsaw"

Fickle Public - Copyright Ben BromfieldPictures Copyright: Ben Bromfield

This was one of those nights where you walk into a venue and immediately feel older than everyone else. Don’t worry, this isn’t one of those predictable, “Don’t kids look younger these days” rant, I’m not lamenting the passing of my youth. Although I never thought I’d live to see the day when I was one of the more mature members of the audience stood at the back, nodding appreciatively. Oh well, such is life.

FICKLE PUBLIC, fucking hell they’re loud (eeeee kids these days eh? whoops). And they’re hard. But accessible enough so that us non-teenage lot can appreciate it. I mean, it’s always great when you leave a venue with your ears bleeding, but I want to put off the use of hearing aid for at least another 30 years yet. Honestly.

The drummer was exceptional, tight as a gnats backside (do gnats have backsides?), and the whole sound fitted together like a wonderful, guitar-grinding jigsaw.
With their heavy blend of punk and metal, mixed with spasmodic time signatures, dancing with any amount of credibility to this was out of the question. What am I talking about? Dancing? Not for me, I know my place, propping up the bar, nodding in time to the music (7/8 apparently, it was hard). They looked the business as well, bouncing in time to their tunes, unlike absolutely everybody else.

The thing is, they’re a great young band. And I can appreciate their obvious talent, and skills as performers. I think though, that I’m going to continue standing at the bar, drinking my beer and stroking my chin. I’ll leave the rest up to the kids, this is definitely their arena... 

- Sian Owen, Whisperin' And Hollerin'