Subbacultcha Review 'Man Vs. Monster'

A rousing debut from the Derry trio' - 3/5

Sometimes there are certain types of rock and roll which, if not executed with a certain knowledge, sound terribly synthetic and loathsome. That very genre is what Fighting With Wire symbolize - but they have done it prosperously and cultivated on this record. Their hard driving style integrates well and delivers excellently a clutch of songs that probably may have perished at the hands of others. They pull few punches here - and the standard rarely slips from end to end.

The curtain raiser "Cut The Transmission" is an overwhelming rock encroachment that stimulates with bustling potency from the first seconds. Sounding slightly in the vein of something Limp Bizkit may venture out with it’s a dedicated opener and does what it may likely have said on the tin. "Everyone Needs A Nemesis" is a loud but intricate formation - accessible and quite mainstream pleasing - though not in any obvious way. There’s a ferocity about the chugging guitar march of "All For Nothing" that blends metal with punk and indie quite handsomely! ‘Long Distance’ and ‘Strength In Numbers’ are as gritty and omnipotent as anything else that may peregrinate the same corridors as this music.

Throughout this record there are astonishingly aggressive and charmingly original moments. Fighting With Wire will excite and entertain. They are as capable of changing pace as suddenly as they are of contravening your ear canal. If bands like Smashing Pumpkins, Husker Du and Nirvana are your preferential boulevards of music then this band will become the next inclusion on that parkway. Discover them and unearth another potential name you can list as an influence on your sublime life.



- Alan Baillie, Subbacultcha