Drowned In Sound Review 'Just Like I Got Used To Saying Courtney Cox Arquette' - 7/10

A rampant 150 seconds of intangibly emphatic rock

Lying somewhere between Fugazi’s enigmatic abstract punk and every pop sensibility found in rock music are Fickle Public. Having been around for the past five years (earlier under the guise of Purple Munkie) this Scottish quartet have honed their techniques and songwriting talents in anticipation of their debut album, of which this is the first single. This is a rampant 150 seconds of intangibly emphatic rock with big sub-metal guitars and occasionally over-vigorous indie vocals. If you keep thinking in the same vein as Jetplane Landing and Aereogramme, you’ll understand this. Fickle Public been heralded as ones to watch by some. You’d be hard pushed to disagree.


- Raziq Rauf, Drowned In Sound