Comfort Comes Reviews 'Public Service Broadcast #7'

"A new PSB is always cause for celebration"

A new PSB is always cause for celebration. Last installment featured 65 Days of Static, Fuck off Machete and Love Ends Disaster, all bands I have not stopped playing. This installment we get 25 new bands to mull over. One band name that really stuck out to me was The Adventures Of Loki... it's a great band name. 

For the sake of the review, we will just discuss the top tracks of the album. The first that hit me was The Adventures of Loki with their track "Punch Drunk Sunday". The track shines with its dueling girl/boy vocals that at times packs quite a punch, but still manages to be one hell of a tune. The Holy Ghost with their track "Commerical" it's got a nice hip shaking feel but still maintains a over punkish feel. Then you are hit with a sexy female vocal out of nowhere, instantly accessible and it reeks of a big hit. Housewife offer us some fine post punk with "Channel Noir" but one of the riffs sounds very familiar.

The Sailplanes (love the name) offer us some nice lo fi pop in the same vein as say Sleater Kinney and a dash of PJ Harvey. Mugstar is a beast of a tune. It's a strictly instrumental affair but it is just huge in scope and a massive a great way to end the compilation.

The new PSB again has brought to our attention some of the finest new music out there. Currently, Public Relations Exercise, The Holy Ghost, Above Them are all featuring regular play on my stereo. For the price you really can't go wrong and I can't urge you enough to get a copy you may find your new favorite band.

- John Siwicki, Comfort Comes