Indie London Review 'Breakfast In NYC'

'A near-perfect pop moment'

Oppenheimer are school teacher Shaun Robinson (vocals, drums, keys, guitars) and studio engineer Rocky O’Reilly (guitar, keys, percussion, Mac). They formed in Belfast in 2004 and have since attracted the attention of everyone from The Bravery and The Chalets to Regina Spektor. Their appeal is plain to see from the moment the glockenspiel chimes during the opening moments of "Breakfast in New York". The track is a near-perfect pop moment – breezy, melodic and, above all, fun. It’s definitely American sounding and I wouldn’t be surprised to find it on the soundtrack of an American TV show in the very near future. Less successful but still catchy is the double-A side, "Truth Or Dare", a far more electronic effort that is full of fast beats and a vibe that’s not dissimilar to The Electric Light Orchestra. But they come back strong with "Getting By", a richly infectious slow-builder that demonstrates how much of a keen ear for melody this double act has. It’s well worth checking out despite only being released in strictly limited edition form – 400 hand-numbered seven inches.

- Unknown, Indie London