Room 13 Review 'Oppenheimer'

'A glorious marriage of electro fuzz with sugar-sweet pop melodies'

Never before has there been such a glorious marriage of electro fuzz with sugar-sweet pop melodies in the entire history of musicality. This is the kind of tiptoeing-ly good album that you would expect from a massive group in their prime, rather than an uncelebrated bands debut offering but, nevertheless, it holds within it powerful glimpses of their truly undoubted potential. Furthermore it all seems to come so naturally and effortless to them.

Vinyl and synth-happy heads, Oppenheimer, boast a simple yet effective sound. They don't do anything overly fancy or too complex but rather they prefer to focus on creating an all-round fulfilling, enjoyable sound, coated with a deep essence of electro bumf. Songs like "This is not a Test", "Breakfast in NYC", "Saturday Looks Bad to Me" are so simple almost anyone could probably write them, but that's the point; these guys got there before everyone else.

Will they remain just a band that write music to fill hearts or will their originality, minus technicality, bring them to a deserved stature of, one day, filling stadiums? All that remains to be seen, but what is definite is that Oppenheimer have created a thumping good album and you'd be mad to overlook it.

- Daniel Black, Room 13