Kerrang! Reviews 'There Is No Real Courage Unless There Is Real Danger' - KKKK

A glorious blast of post hardcore squall

This 'single' from Ireland/London post-hardcore mob Jetplane Landing features 23 tracks and clocks in at a whopping 79 minutes. Since that's longer than most album releases we thought it worthy of more attention than your average single with 2 tracks and a radio edit.

The title track is a glorious blast of post hardcore squall but the real delight is in the plethora of 'B sides'. The band have completely cleared out their studio archive and there are radio sessions, accoustic recordings, demos and live tracks.

What's more, all profits go to the Red Cross. So that's 23 songs for 4 quid and a charitable cause. What more do you want? Jam on it?

For fans of : Thursday & Biffy Clyro.

- Kerrang!