Els Quatre Gats Review From Kerrang!

''A flurry of blistering, spiked riffs''- Kerrang!

This is the first batch of new material from Jetplane Landing since their debut LP 'Zero For Conduct' earlier this year. Released to coincide with the post-hardcore quartet's fourth trek round the UK, the EP is a collection of urgent, driving rhythms, jarring fretwork and impassioned deliveries; nothing you won't have heard before from four men and their guitars then. However, what it lacks in the way of definitive gestures, it compensates for with the kind of sweat soaked, feral energy that has guaranteed the band packed crowds live. Best of all is ''An Upheaval'', a song whose hi-tensile verses detonate into a flurry of blistering, spiked riffs and savage refrain to 'fight your limits!'.

- Catherine Yates, Kerrang!