Public Service Broadcast #4 -Drowned in Sound Review

A f**king must-buy compilation

The concept is simple, so simple that it's been repeated four times over: take bands at the fringes of the mainstream, regardless of genre; toss them on a compilation CD designed purely to get them attention from the baying hoardes of the music-buying public and the suited-and-booted execs alike; and flog it dirt cheap from a merch stall in some grotty pub or other and through a website. How does number five fare against numbers one through four? It's the best, damnit. The best.

Where to begin? How about with track numero uno. You know Distophia, right? If you don't, after hearing their 'Shrimpboat' you'll want to get everything they've ever committed to record. And rightly so too, since they're all about manic Sebadoh-does-Sparks pop rockin' high jinx. Bravo.

Keep it to yourself, but it gets better - Dive Dive come on like At The Drive-In's wimpy cousins given a shot of pure adrenalin and let loose on a Spanish bull run; Twofold's full-bodied gruff-core makes Hot Water Music sound as tough as a sponge; and Cayto are... are...

There are no words to really describe how great Cayto's 'The Hand Me Down' is. Just listen to it for yourself.

Add Tara Jane O'Neil, Fixit Kid and Dead Or American to the mix, and what do you have? Not even half of a fucking must-buy compilation. Click that link, buy this record, tune in and cop off. See you in volume six...

- Mike Diver, Drowned In Sound