Music OMH Review "Breakfast In NYC"

'A dreamy, quirky, gorgeous single'

This record really is the bomb. Get it? Get it? Belfast's Oppenheimer, named, presumably after the inventor of the atomic bomb, consist of multi-instrumentalists Shaun Robinson and Rocky O'Reilly and deal in sweet, melodic electro-pop with a pinch of the leftfield thrown in for good measure. And they're very good.

"Breakfast In NYC" is instantly likeable, mixing lo-fi electronica with a thoroughly modern pop sensibility. Its charm lies in a sweet, simplistic lyric, naïve in its delivery. The vocals are sweet and lilting yet simultaneously strangely robotic. Underscoring this is a plethora of melodious electronica bubbling beneath the surface. All this easily betrays Oppenheimer's influences, which they wear very much on their sleeve: a hint of Eno, dashes of Kraftwerk, a little Stereolab, a splash of David Holmes. The result is a dreamy, quirky, gorgeous single.

The use of the glockenspiel on the track adds to its whimsical charm, and the chorus quickly melts into your brain like you know it should. This is pop music at its most sublime, the soundtrack to a neon fantasy world where everything is shiny. The song's flipside, Truth Or Dare, is a more fast-paced, new wave-influenced electro-pop number, that demonstrates that Oppenheimer aren't one trick ponies: it's gorgeous, gorgeous music that has universal appeal. If you don't like this then I would suggest you go looking for your soul, my friend; haven’t you got bunny rabbits to jump on or something?

- Ryan Thomas, Music OMH