Music News Review 'Who Invented Love?'

'A debut album Paul Westerburg would be proud of'

Released by the pioneering DIY collective, Smalltown America Records, The Young Playthings debut album has the consistency and confidence often associated with a (non difficult) second or third album. Its consistency is in its US west coast delivery, and the confidence from its underlying Britishness. The balance is just about right with an LA style energy and the quirky irony from this side of the great pond.

Jam packed with sparkly jangly guitars, catchy choruses and delicious harmonies, tales of the highs and lows of love, the heartache of being apart, and each with the optimistic pathos that celebrates the zest and vibrancy of being young. "Hot Sex With A Girl I Love" is impossible to sing without a broad grin and sense of fun, and you may find yourself singing the titled chorus out loud in a public place - be warned!

"She's A Rebel", released as a single in 2006, is a quality example of their own blend of jangly innocent angst, only thinly veiling their songwriting maturity, and a Music-News favourite of last year. "Tune" is perhaps the pick of the crop with dynamic chunky buzzy guitars alongside heart wrenching long distance love, endearing vocals from the heart and a modern tear jerk classic for men (lads, its ok to cry sometimes!). The wonderful lyric 'Love isn't a note it's a tune' gives way to a rousing fanfare playout. I could go on.

If you're a fan of jangly guitars, The Lemonheads, Weezer, The Smithereens, or a cheerful, more sensitive Buffalo Tom, and yet want a fresh sound, you could arguably pick any of these 11 tracks. Maybe start with the epic "The American West", but far be it for me to tell you. Find out for yourself, 'Who Invented Love?' A debut album Paul Westerburg would be proud of.

- Rob Barnett, Music News