Rock Sound Magazine Review 'Oppenheimer'

'Fantastic fuzzy noise' - 8/10

Oppenheimer's debut album disappoints slightly on initial listens when compared directly with their live show. Where, on stage, vocalist/drummer Shaun Robinson hits the skins with glorious might and guitarist/keyboardist/Mac-meister general Rocky O'Rielly supports with fantastic fuzzy noise, the studio version can sound, well, a little twee.

But Oppenheimer are a little twee, and it's best to embrace the electronic drum sounds and cutesy pop they proffer rather than sulk about it. The tempered moments are more frequent than upbeat efforts such as "This Is A Test", but Oppenheimer do delicate incredibly well. Ultimately, it's synth pop, and that will probably be enough to put some people off. That's a shame, as such sunshine sheen can't demerit the quality of these songs.

- Tim Newbound, Rock Sound