Comfort Comes Review 'Who Invented Love?'

'Brilliant and refreshing' - 8/10

The anticipation for the debut record was very high for me. Their previous singles were just brilliant and refreshing. Well, it is the summer time and no better time for The Young Playthings. Their indie pop is so fun and feels good so naturally this will be the soundtrack to our summers ahead.

The album starts off with “Kimberly Renne” which, is like “Emily Kane” sped up. But the true gem is “Hot Sex With A Girl I Love” is so bouncy and cheery and it is so easy to sing along and bop your head to. “She’s A Rebel” is one of those great pop songs that no matter how many times you listen you never really get sick of it. “Just A Fool” is a strip down and sweet little tune and a very nice change of pace. “Who Invented Love?” is a fast paced and just a downright fun record. Its loaded with great pop tunes that will provide us relief on these upcoming summer months.

- John Siwicki, Comfort Comes