NME Review Fickle Public's 'Bucko'

'A minor angst-punk miracle' - 7/10

There are a few things you can pretty much guarantee from a band who choose to open an album with a math-pop puzzle called "Just Like I Got Used To Saying Courteney Cox Arquette". Three of them aren't hummable choruses, big laughs or many friends. But Glasgow post-hardcore trio [sic] Fickle Public are nothing if not a minor angst-punk miracle. 'Bucko' might not secure them a slot on the next Kaisers tour, but at least "Five Four To The Floor" and "Another Exit Ruined By Stairfalling" prove that brains, time signatures and the late 80's scene can work with a sense of humour too.

- Priya Elan, NME