Music News Review 'Yr So Fit (For Me)'

'Yr So Fit edges them close to new favourite band category' - 5/5

Every time I listen to "Yr So Fit (For Me)", I hear a new influence. At first I heard a young Elvis Costello, then Weezer, Pavement, goddam it, even Big Country popped through my cannister on hearing the jangly driven guitar. But to reference elements and structure, in digestible chunks becomes a bit futile in the end - the key being the sum of all parts. And the combined total of the 3 and a bit minutes of beats, notes and gaps in-between, has everything you’d want to lick the indie pop punk lips. Catchy vocals, and a chorus to sing along to, punchy, accessible, bright guitars, fat, solid, part stutter drums, and an air of naivety, desperation and cheery hope.

Produced and engineered by Steve Ansell, ex of Cat on Form, currently of Projections (and Blood Red Shoes), and joined by Rose from The Pipettes on B-Side ("Life Is Great"), the Young Playthings are currently working on their debut album. With the terrific ‘young love anthem’ single "She’s A Rebel", already stashed in their romantic, nerdish utility belt, "Yr So Fit" edges them close to ‘new favourite band' category. But don’t take my word for it, find out for yourself. You’ll feel ten years younger and a little more playful for the experience.


- Rob Barnett, Music News